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Friday, May 27, 2016

(From Gingerology) - Stage Door SceneIT...

Hi, y'all!!!

Well, hope all you Gingerologists are faring well in the last vestiges of spring (or autumn, depending upon which side of the orb you reside in)... Hu has his young ones out of school for the summer, so should be able to get rolling with more Gingerology this one!

Well, in case y'all haven't heard, our buds over at Warner Archive have re-released one of my fave 'Ginger in a supporting role' films, Stage Door.  And before one gets too bent on the 'supporting role' lingo, remember - as much as we hate to spit it out, Kate was the 'lead' in this one... but no worries, as Ginger trades barbs with Hepburn in a MOST entertaining manner... I can't figure out why RKO didn't make a few more films with these two...
Here's the link for folks needing to purchase this MANDATORY GingerFilm (and MANDATORY for any Classic Film collection in general):

Stage Door DVD Re-issue info

...As for this post, we haven't done the 'SceneIT' stuff in a while, so... here's the deal:

FIRST - obtain a copy of Stage Door - an RKO Radio Picture;

SECOND - Watch the first few minutes of the film; specifically, post-credits to just before the scene where Kate moves into the room with Ginger... (BTW, I'm using 'real' names instead of character names thru-out this exercise...just...because, y'all...);

THIRD: When I say 'watch', I mean... WATCH. ...and LISTEN. Pay attention to the dialogue...

FOURTH: Answer the following questions, which occur just below the array of posters for this fine film - WITHOUT rolling the film back:
(that last one was of my doing...)

OK... here's the questions:

1. What is the name of the boarding house where the film is set?

2. What did Eve Arden wish was inside a pecan?

3. What is Ginger's first line?

4. Who is Gail Patrick moving in with right away?

5. Where was Lucy's character born?

6. How was the show the two 'peasant' girls were in closing?

7. What was Kate's first line?

8. What three kind of doors were there to that place?

9. What was Gail Patrick to be dining on in lieu of lamb stew?

10. How much is a 'shared room' per week?

FIFTH: Check the answers in the comments section... and please feel free to reply in that section with any comments, questions, requests, or grievances...

Welp, that's that... hope it proves to be a fun little exercise for y'all - although most of y'all have a photogenic memory regarding all things Ginger (yeah, I scare myself sometimes, too), but hopefully a challenge nevertheless.

And a note: I'm going to post this (and any future 'film specific posts) in the appropriate 'GingerFilm' blog as well (This one goes into the 'Stage Door' blog - yupyupyup) - and I'm also going to start loading those blogs up with the vast array of pics, articles, etc., as these GingerFilm blogs were set up to be used as a RESOURCE, or at least a 'storage' of sorts... y'all PLEEEEESE help me out with that - most of y'all are in the FB GingerCommunity, so... hit me up with some GingerFilm stuff anytime, and I'll try to transfer stuff as time allows...

Until later...

KIG, y'all!!!


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